Essential Requirements for a Contented Life

The following list refers to the standards of animal care that we maintain at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

The first three components are addressed in Canada’s Criminal Code, Crimes Against Animals Section.  The group of four conditions that  follow have been formulated by Rob Laidlaw, the founder of Zoocheck Canada.  Together, when these 7 items are satisfied, we believe that animals have the opportunity to live contented lives.

  • ADEQUATE FOOD – Are there enough of the right kinds of food to eat?
  • ADEQUATE SHELTER – Is there protection from wind, rain, sun and snow?
  • ADEQUATE WATER – Is there  access to fresh clean water, even on the hottest or coldest days?
  • SPACE TO MOVE AND EXERCISE – Is there  access to enough space to move around in keeping with biological needs?
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE – Is there allowance to make choices about how life is lived each day?
  • PROPER SOCIAL CONTEXT – Is there the opportunity to live with one’s own kind and relate to them as would be possible in a natural environment?

Sandra Pady, Founder


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