flint3     In late summer 2013, four donkeys were admitted to the Sanctuary.  One of them, Diamond, was already pregnant and so we have waited and counted the months in anticipation of a birth.  Like all donkey jennets, Diamond preferred to bear her foal when she was all alone.  This happened early on the morning of Sunday, July 20th.  A camera in their stall recorded the event  and by the time  staff entered the barn at 7 am, Flint was washed and nursing with great gusto.

Of course, he is adorable.  I took this picture this morning, when he was not yet two days old, and he was walking and hopping around Halfway Haven paddock with much enthusiasm.  Diamond is a very calm, attentive mother, always with an eye on her son who is never far from her side.

As with all of the donkeys in our care, we are making a lifelong commitment to Flint.  With good health, he will live at least in to his late twenties.  With the help of our donors, we look forward to giving him the opportunity to have as full and natural a life as possible.

Indeed, the animals’  world is so beautiful.

Sandra Pady, Founder


2 thoughts on “NEW LIFE”

  1. Absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing this. And how fortunate that little Flint will have the best of lives at the sanctuary. I really must make the trip from Alberta to visit, so that I can always picture where my little herd will be headed, when and if that day comes. Thank you Sandra for giving us such a wonderful place where our longear friends can live out safe and healthy and happy lives. Bless you. Wendy

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