Elyse July 2014 (49)

Summer is the oldest donkey at the DSC.  She was born in 1970 and she has lived at the Sanctuary since 2002.   Over the years, this most gentle of donkeys has endeared herself to one and all.  On Open Days we can always be sure that Summer will pass much of the afternoon moving around the barnyard, greeting visitors, standing very still while little hands brush her coat.

A few days ago, a girl named Elyse came to visit the donkeys and she brought with her a special gift.  You see, Elyse had just celebrated her 4th birthday and at her party she had asked her friends to donate to help the donkeys instead of buying presents.  All of the money collected was put into a big plastic jar.

On the day of her visit Elyse  walked into the barnyard, with jar in hand, looking for year old Ruby, the donkey, whom she  intended to sponsor.  Ruby, however, was  in a playful mood, preferring the company of  her other equine companions in the ‘Donkeys Only’ area.

Elyse was somewhat crestfallen at this turn of events until she looked up to see Summer approaching slowly from the other side of the barnyard. It was as if the donkey were saying, “I am here, instead.”  Elyse was thrilled.  She gave Summer a big hug and decided on the spot that this beautiful grey donkey would be perfect to sponsor.  And just at that moment we were able to capture in a photo their mutual admiration.

Thank you for helping us to take care of Summer, Elyse.

Sandra Pady, Founder


3 thoughts on “SUMMER AND ELYSE”

  1. What a lovely story. The Donkey Sanctuary is a place where children learn to value and cherish animals, such a necessary service.

    I too love Summer. I have been visiting her for many years, taking selfies with her and I truly believe she remembers me. She poses very gently for the camera and endures my multiple attempts to get a good shot! Thanks to Summer’s patience and kindness I have a nice little collection of pictures of me and Summer. I treasure them!

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