Jo-Ann Payne, a DSC supporter who lives in British Columbia, attended the Salt Spring Island Fair recently and it was there that she encountered a donkey.  This experience proved to be  memorable for Jo-Ann and she has shared with us her diary entry for that afternoon:

There was a donkey, a grey and white pinto that nuzzled right up to my face. His hairs were tickling me, his breath warm, his muzzle as soft as velvet. His ears were large, velvety too, perky and at attention. I was in love and tears came to my eyes as the emotion and warmth this wonderful animal exuded enveloped me. It was magical – a moment I will never forget.”

The hyperactive nature of contemporary society overwhelms us much of the time.  As we race around, it is easy to forget that there are other ways of being.  Jo-Ann’s experience is a reminder of the very real benefits to be derived when we allow ourselves the time to experience the tempo of the donkeys’ world.

Sandra Pady, Founder

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