With the Holiday Season now on the horizon, can you feel the increasing momentum of each passing day?  Are there anticipatory feelings  of delight AND dread for the celebrations to come? Are stress levels beginning to rise?

If your answer is, “Yes”, to one or all of these questions, then I am pleased to inform you that relief from such pressures is possible and that it can be found during a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada Farm.  On November 30, December 7, 14 and 21 we invite you to spend some time in the island of tranquility that is the donkeys’ world. We can almost guarantee that you will slow down as you stand in the barn patting a furry coat, listening to Christmas music playing softly in the background, or sipping hot chocolate while our staff and volunteers bring you up to date on the uncomplicated incidents of the animals’ lives.  Afterwards, you might  round out this interlude with a walk on our trails (dress warmly!) where the scent of the pines never fails to loosen knots of tension produced in everyday life.

On each of these days we will be here to greet you from 10 until 4. We look forward to your visit.

Sandra Pady, Founder




  1. I love visiting the donkey sanctuary! I am so pleased to be able to visit with them again soon! The sanctuary is a wonderful place to visit! I encourage everyone take the afternoon and go see for yourselves! Perfect place for animal lovers! You will fall in love with all of them! Ask to see Earl Grey, he’s adorable and super friendly:)

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