Cold Weather Thoughts

Today, it is very cold outside and a few minutes ago as I walked up the lane with the dogs, there were no other animals in sight.  In spite of the frigid temperature, given that the sun was  blazing in the sky I had expected to see some donkeys out in the paddocks, basking in the solar warmth.  That is their usual practice on such glowing January afternoons.  Instead, when I went inside the Donkey House there they were, munching away at their free-choice barley straw, obviously contented to forego the direct sunlight for their shelter with its added warmth of shared body heat.

As I stood and communed with the donkeys, I could not help but be reminded of  how their apparent obliviousness to weather conditions  is in such contrast to our human fascination (or is it an obsession?) with temperature levels and wind chill factors. From morning until night the paranoia of the  24/7 news world warns unendingly of catastrophes to come while cameras comb the globe, seeking out images of extreme weather.  These tense predictions  pervade our lives — and to what end?

As thoughts like these ran through my head, I appreciated  anew the peace and quiet of the donkeys’ world.  Too soon, it was time to return to the house.  The dogs raced ahead  while I plodded along, feeling  the cold of  the moment with my face turned in to the light.  My mind was blissfully blank.

Sandra Pady, Founder




4 thoughts on “Cold Weather Thoughts”

  1. Lovely piece, Sandra. We are in a freeze too, with -15, but into almost -30 with wind chill. If it is cold and windy, my donkeys and mule tend to camp out around the barn, with free access in/out if they wish. But if it is sunny, and not much wind, they park on the south facing hill, and snooze. So calm and relaxing, isn’t it? Have a Wonderful 2015, and again, thank you for setting up this peaceful place for our beloved long ears.

  2. Our dear old donkey died in October 2013 [his 33rd year] – did he know that last winter and this one were going to be more difficult than all those he had survived?

  3. Your so lucky to be able to visit with all the donkeys so often as you’d like:) your a lovely soul, a true animal lover! I wish I could make just a fraction of difference to these beautiful animal’s lives as you have.

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