A Warming Bequest

Although the sunshine is glorious today, the temperature is -12C  and  most of the donkeys are opting to stay in the donkey house.  They are relishing the new conditions inside which are much warmer now due to the completion of a long-anticipated  project.  To wit, during recent weeks work has been carried out to insulate the interior walls and ceiling of the loafing areas in the donkey house.  Additionally, 6 heat lamps have been suspended from the ceiling and these will go a long way to providing even warmer ‘zones’ in the insulated interior. (Unlike horses and mules, donkeys do not have a layer of fat running under the hide along their backs.  That is why it is so important, when there is rain or snow,  to provide them with a shelter  where their bodies can dry out and ward off chills.)

At the same time, construction of a protective wall on the south side of the building has been underway.  This will enclose partially the outdoor roofed ‘porch’ adjoining the south facing paddocks.   Our mules are spending the winter there and although they seem to want to stand outside no matter what the temperature, we wanted to provide them with options, and heat lamps too.

All of this work, at a cost of $27,000,  has been made possible due to a generous bequest to the DSC included in the estate of one of our donors.  We are grateful for all such donations because they are far-reaching and they help to secure our future.  For those of you who are planning for the distribution of your property after death, upon request we will send along our booklet, “A Guide to Legacy Giving from the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada”. Please contact info@thedonkeysanctuary.ca or 519-836-1697.  Gifts such as these make possible improvements to our facility that will provide benefits to the animals for decades to come.

Sandra Pady, Founder




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