SUMMER – Rest in Peace Gentle Donkey

summer0809For the past week a pall of sadness has blanketed the Sanctuary Farm.  Although many days have passed since Summer, the donkey’s, death, it still feels like the news of her passing has just been heard.  The feeling of her absence is tangible.

Like people, there are some donkeys who  have a curiosity and an energy which combine to make them stand out.  Summer was like that.  Born in 1970, her very old age gave her a confidence which in turn  brought certainty to all of her actions.  She made her wants and needs very clear through the signals  of her body language and the forcefulness of her bray.  Visitors were sometimes taken aback by Summer’ s assertiveness, especially when she would push herself into a person’s field of contact, making it clear that it was time for attention to be directed her way.

There are many  DSC volunteers whose memories of this appealing donkey are precious, intimate.  People talked to Summer and sometimes they sang to her, too.   Her presence, alone, was often enough to banish those woes and cares that can  weigh down a person’s  mind.

For thirteen years Summer was an important part of life at the DSC.  We gave her sanctuary and, in return, she  gave  a special energy to our world.  She will be sorely missed.

Sandra Pady, Founder



7 thoughts on “SUMMER – Rest in Peace Gentle Donkey”

  1. Beautifully expressed, Sandra. We do miss her so. I just saw the picture of her when she first arrived – what a sorry sight she was, a badly neglected woebegone donkey who looked defeated. How wonderful she found her way to the Sanctuary – as she healed, thrived and became the confident donkey you describe, she gave back that energy a thousandfold.

  2. At the Donkey Sanctuary and on the farm that I tend to with donkeys…I would hear the brays over & over again a song I’ll never get tired of. I was blocking the barn door where Summer knew her special made lunch was waiting…Summer was adamant to get in….I tried to pass the time by giving her lots of scratches and attention. Summer then had enough…she brayed in my face straight at me…we all know the size of her lips right???…LOL I knew exactly what she was saying to me. Her bray was loud and I loved it. Thank goodness lunch was being served and I could let her in. I will definitely miss this ole girl, what gives me solace is the care that she received at this beautiful Sanctuary.

  3. Saddened to hear of Summer’s death. Thanks to the care and love she received at the Sanctuary she lived long and prospered. She will indeed be missed.
    Best wishes to all at the Sanctuary both two- and four-legged. Jennifer Wingate

  4. Oh how I loved to visit the sanctuary and spend time with Summer. She let me take many selfies with her. I can’t believe I will not see her any more. My heart is very heavy with this news.

  5. I just got back from being away and so am only learning of Summer’s death. I am so sad about our loss and I am grateful for the time I got to spend with her and the beautiful pictures I took of her, and especially of Summer and Jeanette.

  6. Thanks to the Sanctuary, Summer lived some very precious years, reaching out and leaving a hoof print on many hearts. Thank you for giving her a wonderful home, and some beautiful years. Bless you and all the donkeys.

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