I have just had the pleasure to watch a French documentary that was made at the Sanctuary Farm in late summer 2014.  The program is a part of the “QU’EST-CE QU’ON SAUVE?”  series that runs on the UNIS network.  See the link below:


The hour long broadcast conveys in wonderful detail the work that we are doing here at the DSC as well as the work being done on two other farms in Ontario where the focus is on the husbandry of rare breeds of poultry.  The segments on the Sanctuary have been beautifully photographed and the rhythm of the film is very much in keeping with the relaxed, slower-paced world of the animals.  One need not be a francophone to appreciate the bucolic atmosphere that is conveyed.

We are especially grateful to Maryse Claude, a DSC volunteer, who worked closely with the production crew during the making of the documentary.  Her  on camera commentary, along with that of our ED, Katharin Harkins,  serve to enhance the visual presentation while drawing attention as well to our animal rescue work.  Additionally, the film crew visited a  DSC foster farm, located  in Hudson, Quebec.  There, Lindsay D’Aoust and her husband are giving much personal care to two DSC donkeys who in turn have enchanted their care givers.

We are grateful to the many people at Qu’est-ce qu’on sauve? for compiling such a sensitive, comprehensive picture of the work of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.  Merci beaucoup!

Sandra Pady, Founder








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