I have just read a sharply-observed, well-written collection of stories that deserves to be on everyone’s  summer reading list.

In “Don’t Name the Ducks and other truths about life in the country”, Wendy Dudley shares with her readers the charming, often humorous world  to be found on her 44 acre property in the Alberta Foothills.  Her companions are many:  donkeys, a mule, horses, cats, dogs and several wild, uninvited visitors.  Daily life is always interesting at Burro Alley where there is an abiding respect for each individual, no matter whether he or she is four-legged or two, furry or feathered.

Of course the best sections of the book, for me, were those concerning life with her long-eared friends.  Wendy understands donkeys and mules (which is not to say that they should ever be considered the same) and as she lives with them day in and day out she makes the ultimate contribution to their lives: they are able to be themselves. Their endless curiosity, their playfulness, their common sense and, yes, their determination are all affectionately shared.

Through her evocative descriptions of the foothills environment, Wendy takes the reader right into her particular universe.  With her, we move around the land, meet some of the characters in her neighbourhood,  marvel at the great blue skies and experience the endless challenges – and changes – in the weather.  There is a lot of heavy  work to be done in such a place but the hard won contentment  which comes from this rural, independent  lifestyle is clearly satisfying.

It was a great pleasure to get to know Wendy and her companions through this delightful book.

Sandra Pady, Founderducks cover 300 dpi




It’s official!

The big, white tent is in place: Donkey Day is just around the corner.

This Sunday, June 15th, will mark the 22nd time that we host  our annual fund raising/open house.  Last minute preparations are in full swing  and we are putting together another fun-filled celebration of the donkeys and their world.

By going to our website, you can see the full Donkey Day program.

We hope you will join us.  Anytime between 10 am and 4 pm.  It’s an Afternoon in the Country for Animal Lovers of All Ages!

Sandra Pady, Founder



The Photo Says It All

For over 5 years Kathy Gerry, a DSC volunteer, has been photographing  our donkeys and mules.  Time and again, her sensitive portraits have captured the grace of the equines; their innate gentleness is evident in every image.

This past Saturday when we held our Donor Appreciation Afternoon, the heavens opened and rain poured down for 3 hours.  In spite of the weather, though, over 400 contributors came to share their enthusiasm  for the animals.  Kathy, and her husband, Tim, were in attendance for the entire event, photographing people and equines alike.

In a break between showers, Hummer, the mule, came over to the fence to greet a visitor.  Just at that moment, Kathy took this photograph.  It conveys so well, we think, the pleasures to be received during encounters with our equine friends.

Who cares about the rain when such a joyful moment can be shared?  Macho