The Photo Says It All

For over 5 years Kathy Gerry, a DSC volunteer, has been photographing  our donkeys and mules.  Time and again, her sensitive portraits have captured the grace of the equines; their innate gentleness is evident in every image.

This past Saturday when we held our Donor Appreciation Afternoon, the heavens opened and rain poured down for 3 hours.  In spite of the weather, though, over 400 contributors came to share their enthusiasm  for the animals.  Kathy, and her husband, Tim, were in attendance for the entire event, photographing people and equines alike.

In a break between showers, Hummer, the mule, came over to the fence to greet a visitor.  Just at that moment, Kathy took this photograph.  It conveys so well, we think, the pleasures to be received during encounters with our equine friends.

Who cares about the rain when such a joyful moment can be shared?  Macho


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