It’s a lovely time of year, isn’t it?  Most mornings and afternoons are extremely pleasant when I walk with the dogs on the various parts of the Sanctuary Farm.

Best of all, though, is the fact that the donkeys and mules roam about the fields much more often in summer.  This afternoon as we emerged from one of the forests on the property, the east pastures were spread out like an undulating carpet and they were dotted with donkeys grazing in the waist-high grasses.  Every year I look forward to this seasonal scene: the shining coats glistening in the sun (especially the white equines), the swish, swishing sound of the slowly moving bodies,  and the sight of beautiful long ears poking above heads lowered in total concentration upon the feast before them.   The lushness of the sight never fails to remind me of descriptions of a world long, long ago when there were no human boundaries and the animals were free to roam.

I stood awhile, leaning on the fence with my eyes closed so that I could better listen to the rustling movements and smell more intensely the grasses aroma.  The sensations swirled around me and in the moment, I was particularly grateful to the many, many  people who give so generously of their time, talents and funds so that a scene like this one can be a reality.

Sandra Pady, Founder


2 thoughts on “SWEET SUMMER”

  1. Dear Sandra,

    You described the scene so beautifully…I felt like I was there wallowing in the flowing grasses…thank you for sharing this. I am ever so joyous and grateful that Sydney and Dylan are part of this heavenly scene.

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