An INVITATION to PACE for the Donkeys

I am inclined to think of Autumn as being the “walking” season.  The chillier weather encourages thoughts of hikes in the woods where the trees are at their colourful best and where one can amble along fully immersed in the immediacy of the moment.  Come late September, at the Sanctuary Farm the fields will be outlined in blazing colours while the forests will crackle with the sound of leaves under foot.

This year on Sunday, September 27th at 10 am, our annual fundraiser, PACE for the Donkeys, will be take place at the DSC.  We are planning to welcome hundreds of participants for this 5 km walk which will be laid out across the fields, at the side of donkey pastures,  through the forests and down the lane.  We anticipate that there will be those who will move along very quickly, marking their time, while others will enjoy a more leisurely pace with stops now and then to commune with a donkey or gaze at life in the marsh.

Every one is welcome, younger and older alike, to come and enjoy an invigorating  morning spent walking in the countryside — and helping the DSC with the donkeys’ costs of care.

For further details and to register for the event, please go to our website: .

Sandra Pady, Founder


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