A Peaceful Place in a Tumultuous World

There is much going on in the world about which we are all concerned.

The refugee crises, global warming, assaults on the rainforests: issues like these  challenge us on so many levels that we are tempted at times to push them away and to think that we, in our Canadian paradise, are not directly involved.  Of course, we err when we do that because such restrictive thinking ignores the planetary reality of species interconnectedness. The links among us all are intricate, strong. The work of honey bees impacts directly upon our ability to sow and harvest crops.   The oxygen we breathe is dependent upon the health of life in the oceans. And, yes, the strength of a donkey can mean that a family’s  produce will be transported to market.  Each link is crucial in its way.

These are some of the reasons why we encourage visitors to come to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada’s farm. It is a place to witness the gentle living that occurs when the fact of our global interdependence is recognized and fundamental to decision-making.  In Canadian society, donkeys may no longer be needed to work in the steel mills or to carry food in the mountains; nevertheless, they continue to be important because to be around them is to experience a different rhythm and approach to life.  A visit to the Sanctuary is a reminder that when we respect other species as much as we respect ourselves we are a giant step closer to living in places where hatred and greed no longer rule the day.

Sandra Pady, Founder





2 thoughts on “A Peaceful Place in a Tumultuous World”

  1. Well said, Sandra. A donkey was part of our family for almost 30 years and we all miss him –
    two of my children now volunteer at the DSC.

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