Since 1992 when the DSC was established, our workload has increased steadily.  This is not to complain, of course, since to be involved with the rescue and ongoing care of so many gentle creatures as the donkeys are is vastly rewarding.  Recently, I was looking at some numbers that serve to illustrate – in a statistical way – the significant work that is being (and has been)  done by our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Currently, 73 donkeys and 9 mules are living at the Sanctuary Farm.  Barring unforeseen illness, these equines will live into their late twenties and for many, life will extend well into their thirties.  Among the donkeys in residence at this time, 8 have been admitted in recent months: Jasmine, Jessie, Blue, Carmine, Hector, Jose, Jacob and Rimcan.  As with all of the equines that we admit, staff and volunteers aim to provide the best possible care to  these donkeys for the rest of their natural lives.

In our Foster Farm Network, which extends throughout  Southern Ontario, there are 30 more donkeys at 18 farms.  There, the animals receive more personal attention but if circumstances were to change and this care were no longer possible, they would be brought back to live once again at the Sanctuary as well.

In addition to this current population,  we remember with fondness the 72 other equines that have been a part of the Sanctuary over the years  but who are now deceased.  They, too, benefited from the ongoing commitment of DSC staff and volunteers.

Finally, as I consider the many figures, there are the people  who come to be with the donkeys and who are the recipients of everyone’s efforts to educate, educate, educate in the areas of animal welfare and care.  In 2014, we welcomed over 20,000 visitors, an annual figure that is predicted to increase by this December’s end.

All together, these numbers tell a wonderful story. It is one that describes the many equines in need that have been provided with outstanding care and the many people who in turn have benefited from experiencing  the animals’ world here at the Sanctuary Farm. We have every reason to be proud and grateful to the staff and volunteers who are accomplishing so much.

Sandra Pady, Founder

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