A Moment With Kylie

Kylie SP14Is it not surprising how we can notice suddenly another being?  In daily life we might see a person or an animal  time and again but their presence never registers on our minds.  Then all of a sudden, it does.

I enjoyed just such an experience this morning on my daily walk up to the Farm with the dogs.  I was hanging over the fence chattering to the animals,  as I tend to do, when all of a sudden I really ‘saw’  one particular donkey.  As she walked towards me across the paddock, I focussed upon her but realized that I did not know her name.  I had no information about this donkey except what my eyes and body sensed: a dark brown Standard, graying in her face and on her sides, with magnificent ears fringed with delicate hair.  She moved with determination and an undulating grace that quite captivated my attention.  Then she was at my side, watching carefully and soon contentedly when I proceeded to scratch her neck.  Up close, her coat was silky soft.  Her aura enveloped me like a warm blanket.

Too soon, as is often the case in such an experience, the frisson of the moment evaporated, caused by the movements of the other animals.  I stepped back, in time to see Martina, one of our staff,  pull into the parking lot.  When I called her over to chat, Martina informed me that the donkey’s name was Kylie and that she had been brought to the Sanctuary in 2012!

I am fond of telling people that being with the donkeys is often a learning experience and this encounter with Kylie was no exception.  When I slow down and take the time to look with concentration, just like the animals do, there can be unexpected rewards.

Sandra Pady Founder

3 thoughts on “A Moment With Kylie”

  1. Lovely post Sandra and a lovely donkey. She came with Joker and Sophie and was their quiet comforting guide for quite a while. She is just the sweetest of donkeys. I am glad you two had a moment. They are precious moments aren’t they?

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