nicola valley

If every donkey in the world could choose, I would not be surprised that he or she would opt to move to this ranch in the Nicola Valley, British Columbia.  One of our DSC donkeys (Anjou is fourth from the right in the photo) is just that fortunate.  For the past 7 years, he has grazed in this 320 acre mountain paradise that is in one of our country’s driest regions.  The fragile, grasslands  environment is suited perfectly to a donkey’s biological needs or, for that matter to any equine’s or bovine’s, all of whom are most content with a roaming, grazing life.

Anjou and his pals crisscross the property for extended periods at a time.  Then for variety, or for a little human attention,  they come down to their home barn where there is always fresh hay and straw for a change of diet.  Winter sees them around home much more often, of course, although sunny days like this one was serve as a clarion call to them to go out and investigate life in the mountain pastures.

I find it most satisfying to contemplate Anjou’s existence, living amongst his own kind as he is, preoccupied and a part of the natural world.

Sandra Pady, Founder





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