TROOPER 1993 – 2016

Trooper 3

After 16 years of sharing our space with Trooper, the time came to say goodbye on Sunday last.  Arthritis and chronic hoof problems were causing unbearable pain, medications had stopped bringing relief, and finally he made it clear, through his body language, that he had endured enough.

In many ways Trooper was a symbol of courage to all of us who came to know him after his rescue in 2003.  His recovery was long and slow but his determination to get around was paramount.  There was great respect for the hard work that he put into the process of regaining mobility.  At the same time his was a gentle personality, one shaped by curiosity and a kind of confidence that allowed him to be at ease no matter how demanding well-intentioned visitors or staff might be.

For me, the barnyard where Trooper spent most of his time will feel different for the next while.  Emptier, I think, because Trooper is gone and we are without  his valiant presence.

Sandra Pady, Founder



5 thoughts on “TROOPER 1993 – 2016”

  1. I am so sad to hear this, Trooper will be dearly missed. We sponsored him for my mum, he was such a gentle loveable soul who overcame such hardship. Rest in peace sweet Trooper.

  2. I am so sorry to hear the news! However, Trooper is in a better place and his love will live on with all of us!! He will keep a special place in my heart as he gives me inspiration to keep on trying to be able to walk without pain… :3

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