rowan and coal

Three weeks ago Rowan and Coal, two yearling mules, were brought to the DSC. Once again we had been called in to rescue helpless equines, living in a state of care-less neglect. They were underfed, short of water and the available housing provided minimal shelter.

I realize that I have just used the qualifier, “once again”, in my reference to the mules’ rescue and that these words signal an air of resignation, of frustration. Most of the time, here at the Sanctuary, we are able to put out of our minds the callous attitudes of some animal owners.  People like them, like the person who was responsible for the mules’ birth and subsequent lives, refuse to acknowledge  that equines are sentient beings, ones who feel pain, cold and the many other ravages of neglect.

In spite of moments like the one to which I referred above, most of the time we carry on our work in an atmosphere that is filled with positive reinforcement. The company of the animals, of course, is always encouraging in itself.  As is clear in this photo, Rowan and Coal have left the past behind.  They are adjusting to a new world and learning that the touch of human hands can be an enjoyable experience.  As with all young mules, a little attention goes a long way and they are responding to consistent, positive handling by our staff.

Happy endings like this one is are a great boost to the spirits. I realize that “once again” can be used in a positive way, too. Once again, the DSC community – contributors, staff and volunteers – was able to help.  And that is good.

Sandra Pady, Founder


11 thoughts on “ONCE AGAIN”

  1. Yes – once again the Donkey Sanctuary lives up to its name, a true Sanctuary for those beautiful young mules who can begin to forget their miserable existence and enjoy a roll in the snow. A place of peace for humans and animals. Thank you all for the work you do and the amazing results you achieve
    Jennifer W

  2. love this, Sandra! It expresses so well the nuances and different meanings of ‘once again’. I just loved reading this so much. And those baby mules are, as you say, getting on with the important things – play, racing around like little maniacs, and enjoying the attention from all. A delight to watch.

  3. God bless and keep you Sandra and all your staff and volunteers. You are surely doing the work of the angels.

  4. The DSC is so awesome!!!! Thank you so much for bringing 2 more friends into your home! The work you do is so important and meaningful! You absolutely make this world a better place! I can’t wait to meet my new friends! Sandra, you are such a special person! Xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing their story and yours! I can’t imagine having to deal with irresponsible, so called owner! It breaks my heart for all of the equines that we are unable to save…so when a beautiful photo and happy ending story is posted it just makes me feel so happy…:)

  6. As always, thank you DSC for all the love and care you give our long ears friends. Would love to see these two young mules in person, but the photo says so much. Bless them, and bless you, and all DSC staff and volunteers.

  7. Firstly, thank you for the work you do and for being available to rescue. I work at a city shelter. I used to react to incoming neglected animals with despair. It took me many, many years to learn to look forward and be grateful that we found these beautiful souls when we did.
    Now, when I first see our new inmates I like to say ” you’ve come to the right place!”

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