rowan coal gerryIt’s Friday afternoon, always a good time to move at a slower pace.

I have just returned from an errand at the DSC office and while there I was charmed by the Springtime feeling in the air. This playful snap shot, which Kathy Gerry took earlier in the week, illustrates so well the lightness in the animals’ world right now.  In the photo Coal and Rowan, our newest and youngest mule residents, are bothering  their father, Gerry, the donkey.  These two foals have the energy of ten adults!

During my brief visit I noticed that the donkeys were moving slowly over their hilly terrain, busily snatching up all available green shoots of grass, while a few of the older jennets who had remained closer to the Donkey House could  be seen scratching, scratching on the fence posts.  (Winter coats are such a bother in this fresh warmth.)   Meanwhile, over in the west fields, I could just glimpse our always-connected herd of adult mules.  They, too, were nibbling on the early growth and in the moment they looked almost relaxed. ( I say, ‘almost’, because our mules are an excitable lot.   They exist within a clearly delineated pecking order where newcomers must work to find their place.  We anticipate a great flurry of galloping, kicking out and snorting  when Rowan and Coal are old enough to enter  their company.)

The Farm, itself, is undergoing Springtime freshening as well.  Adam has put new garage doors on the drive shed and they will be painted on Volunteers’ Day, this coming Sunday.  Earlier this week Randy, Adam and David began the removal of two berms from the parking lot so that there will be more spaces for visitors, this work being done after Randy had rolled the driveway to get rid of the potholes of winter. The rest of the snow-fencing will be taken down on Sunday and a clean up of the gardens will then begin. ( Right now, the clumps of early daffodils are like yellow splashes on the brown earth.)

All together, these Spring weeks give us the opportunity to stretch out and shake off Winter’s blankets………in no time at all (Sunday, May 1st) we will put out the sign and begin Open Days for a new Season. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandra Pady, Founder