Supreme Court ruling decriminalizes some forms of bestiality

In a devastating 6-1 ruling last week, the Supreme Court of Canada rejected the notion that bestiality encompasses all sexual activity with animals and has said it is restricted to penetration. This legal loophole will remain open, making animals vulnerable to other forms of sexual abuse, unless Parliament chooses to act.

Following is a link to the CBC news site where the background story for this Supreme Court decision is described.  The article is disturbing:

It seems perverse in 2016 that a teenager and a dog should be victims of such heinous deeds.  Both were criminal acts and should be prosecuted as such.  The laws desperately need to be changed.  Please go to (see link below) and sign the petition.  Your name will make a difference.

Sandra Pady, Founder



Every year, since 1993, on the second Sunday in June we have presented Donkey Day.  As we are fond of adding whenever it is mentioned, “It is an afternoon in the country for animal lovers of all ages.”  That said, I think it is helpful to add that the event is really so much more.

The donkeys are the stars of the afternoon, of course, but there are other elements for the visitor to enjoy, too.  Equine behaviour demonstrations will inform as will conversations with our partners in care, our farrier and our veterinarian.  Agility dogs will impress you with their ……agility and singers will entertain in our great big tent.  The children meanwhile, can get tattoos and do crafts and run around as they should every day. Our trails are here too for walkers to follow and for the first time we will include the trail on West Ridge Farm, the new addition to the DSC property.  And before, during or after all of this, we hope you enjoy the delicious food available to purchase.  It will be all plant based – we are celebrating the animals, after all.

This annual fundraising/open house will run 10-4, rain or shine at 6985 Puslinch Concession 4, south of Guelph.  If you are coming on the 401, exit at hwy 6 NORTH (exit #295), proceed to the second road and turn left.  Adults $15, Seniors $10, Children $5.  See you then, we hope!

Sandra Pady, Founder