RUBY- and other summer thoughts

IMG_0226Recently, one of our staff members, Martina Brown, was out walking down the lane and she spotted Ruby grazing in the field.  Martina’s affection for the donkeys is evident always in the photographs that she takes and this special moment is no exception.

Cloud-filled skies like this one have been unusual at the Sanctuary this summer.  Many consecutive sunny days meant earlier that our hay was plentiful and harvested in record time.  On the other hand, the virtual absence of rain since then does not bode well for a second cut.  As many of you know, farming is like this: the good and the not so good happening in the same season.

But the winter’s supply of hay is in the barn and that is most important.  With eighty-nine donkeys and mules in care here, matters of hay, straw and pasture are always in mind. Ruby and her companions are our first concern.

Sandra Pady, Founder





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