WEST RIDGE FARM – A Big Part of our Future

west ridgeIn March of this year the DSC purchased West Ridge Farm, the 100 acre property adjacent to the west side of the Sanctuary.  As a result of a bequest to the DSC received late in 2015, we were fortunate to be able to make the offer and then the down payment for the land. Due to  this generous bequest, the DSC facility has doubled in size.

The landscape of West Ridge is beautiful, with 70 acres of fields for crops and 30 acres of rolling pastures and forest.  During this crop season,  wheat was planted, harvested and sold, with some of the revenues used to fertilize the fields for future use and the rest applied to the mortgage.  As far as the rest of the property is concerned, for the time being  we are working to expand our walking trail network which snakes up and down hills, past stone walls and beside enormous boulders in the forest.  Recently, usage of this part became official in a way when volunteers and staff walked a group of donkeys around the site.

In October, the DSC Board and senior staff will gather for a day long workshop in order to formulate guidelines for the operating strategy over the next 5 years.  Of course, the uses of West Ridge Farm will figure prominently in the discussions.  Extensive new fencing, expanded animal housing, future grazing areas: these are just a few of the topics to consider.  Adequate planning is crucial to our long-term operations.  We want to help as many animals as we can in the best ways that we can.

In 2022, what will the DSC look like?  If you have answers or suggestions to contribute, please make them as Comments to this blog or send them to the DSC Board Chair: david@thedonkeysanctuary.ca  As a part of the DSC community, your input is important.

Sandra Pady, Founder





PACE for the Donkeys – Sunday, September 25, 2016

PACE – A single step taken when walking or running

PACE – Collective noun for a group of donkeys

PACE  for the DONKEYS – a trail race (walkers welcome) through the fields and forests of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Whether your preference is to walk or to run, we hope you  join us for our annual 5 km trail run on Sunday, September 25th, 2016.

It will take place at the DSC Farm and all the registration details can be found at www.paceforthedonkeys5K.com

Proceeds from the race will be used to help care for the donkeys at the DSC.

A little exercise, alot of donkey company : an unbeatable combinatiion!

Sandra Pady, Founder