Late Autumn Preparations

November Morning
November Morning

On Sunday last a group of Volunteers helped to put the final stages of winter-preparedness on the grounds of the Sanctuary.  Thanks to their generous contributions, a whole lot of heavy physical work was accomplished.  The snow-fencing is now in place, the gardens have been cleaned up, fallen apples were removed from the mules’ paddock,  and load after load after load of weedy brush was hauled away  from the north side of the pond.  In addition, Christmas decorations were made and put into place.  Vine wreaths now dot the buildings, Santa’s sleigh has been taken out of the barn, lights have been strung and the sunroom of the house is set up as the hot chocolate station it will become during our Christmas  Open Days. (November 27th, December 4th, 11th and 18th) We were so grateful for that huge amount of help!

As far as the donkeys were concerned, while all of that was going on they were content to amble around the pastures.  In recent weeks the weather has been unseasonably dry and warm here in Southern Ontario so the animals have not been inclined to run around.  The weight and warmth of their winter coats make them more of a nuisance than anything else when temperatures climb like they have been doing. Thank heavens there are no more flies to bring further aggravation.

The sun had just risen this morning when I came over the hill.  Some of the donkeys were on their way to a grazing pasture and then one by one they turned to look at us.  Speckle, the spotted donkey in the middle of the photo, was born here 25 years ago.  To this day, she is never far from her mother who is in the group just ahead.

Have a nice day,

Sandra Pady, Founder