Today, Christmas Eve, it is above freezing at the Sanctuary.  The snow is sticky and  during my morning walk with the dogs, the trails were crusty in places.  Wreaths are still hanging on the buildings and fences, all of those having been created for our December Open Days.  Their big red bows contrast so well with the whiteness of the snow.

Starting today, there will be fewer people around the DSC and so the rhythms and sounds of the animals’ world will move to the forefront.  Lindsay and Jeanette, two volunteers, came in to work with Lesley and Sarah, two of the animal care staff.  The lower barn is still decked out with hundreds of lights and even a little Christmas tree twinkles next to the cats’ bed.  As I was making the return trip down the lane, Doug and his partner arrived to lend more volunteer support.  They were drawn too, I think, to the soothing stillness that is blanketing the shelters and yards.

Each year at this time I treasure the Sanctuary’s peaceful world.  For me, it brings to life the optimism and gentleness that is at the heart of the Christian message. Around the world, the human condition is battered these days and it is a relief to be able to turn away from it and concentrate on other ways to be. At some time during the next 36 hours I hope that you, too, can experience a period of peacefulness.

Happy Christmas and may you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

Sandra Pady, Founder





5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS”

  1. May you Sandra all of your wonderful caring volunteers and of course all of those dear four footed friends enjoy a Happy and peaceful Xmas and a great exciting safe and happy New Year. 🇨🇦 🐴 ☘

  2. I was delighted to receive as a Christmas gift Sandra Pady’s new book. I look forward to finding out how and why she created the Donkey Sanctuary. Congratulations on the acquisition of the farm next door. I plan to choose a new donkey to sponsor after the death of ‘my’ little Odin. A Happy New Year to all the animals and their caregivers, Jennifer Wingate.

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