the_donkeys_and_me_coverDuring the past two years I  have had the great satisfaction to work on my recently published book, “THE DONKEYS AND ME:A Memoir”.

Writing the manuscript was a joy.  It allowed me to browse across my life and identify all of those influences which, when combined, prompted my decision to found The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.  That review, along with stories of particular donkeys who have animated my life, make up the contents of the book.  Essentially, I wanted it to be an extended tribute to the animals, their world, and the impact that they have made.

I knew very little about the development and publication of books before this project began.  Complications developed at times, the writing was easier on some days than on others, but the finished product is more than worth all of that.  Of course, there is so much more to the publication of a book than the writing of it and it was Liesje Doldersum who designed and oversaw the other stages.  Due to her creativity and attention to detail the stories have been realized in a most appealing form.  Thank you, Liesje, for all of that and for shepherding me through the periods of writer’s angst.

Now, I think, it is time to begin the next volume…..there are so many more donkeys whose stories merit being told!

THE DONKEYS AND ME: A Memoir can be ordered through the DSC on line, or by phone, 519-836-1697.

Sandra Pady, Founder