I am not a student of statistics  but every now and then it is helpful  to look at the accomplishments of the DSC community in numerical  terms.

At the Board Meeting in late January  the year, 2016, was quantified in several areas.  By the numbers  there were many reasons for everyone  – donors, staff and volunteers – to be proud of the work that has been  done.  At year’s end:

  • 73 donkeys and 9 mules were in residence, receiving 24 hour care, at the DSC Farm.
  • 32 donkeys were residing at DSC Foster Farms.  The network has grown.
  • 16,000+ people had visited the Sanctuary on Open Days, Donkey Day, Tour Days, PACE,  and Donor Appreciation Day.  We welcomed visitors as part of our Education Program which aims to  encourage as many people as possible to recognize and to respect the unique qualities of the animals.
  • Staff: Animal Care: 3 FT, 2PT; Foster Farms: 1 PT; Education: 2 PT; Administration: 3 Full Time, 1PT seasonal; Retail Manager: 1 PT. With exceptional dedication our small number of staff achieved so much.
  • Volunteers: In all areas of our operations,  14,000+ hours of work were donated by our generous, hard-working  volunteers.

Finally, this August  we will celebrate 25 years of work on behalf of the donkeys and mules.  There are so many reasons to be grateful.

Sandra Pady, Founder



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