Hutch and Jerry

In typical March fashion we have experienced a return of winter’s snow here at the Sanctuary Farm.  Just recently, during her visit on a chilly afternoon,  Kathy Gerry, a DSC volunteer, took this engaging photograph. Kathy is a retired portrait photographer who has taken hundreds of photos of the animals over the years.  This portrait is a wonderful example of how her work captures so often the inborn elegance of the donkeys.

I expect that Hutch (3 years)  and Jerry (17 years) were standing as still as statues when Kathy aimed her camera in their direction.  Clearly, movement in the field had captured their attention.  The hair of their coats is fluffed out, too, and to run one’s hands over the surface would be like feeling the bristles of a soft brush.  Their coats are very appealing like this, calling out to be touched and admired.

Hutch and Jerry have lived at the Sanctuary for almost a year, now.  Their former living condition  was sorely neglectful and by the time the DSC was called in to help the donkeys had been abandoned.  They were existing on a ramshackle farm along with several other animals including two young mules whom, we were told, had been sired by Jerry.  Since the arrival of this group, Hutch and Jerry have settled in well to the Sanctuary’s routine.  Both of them are very comfortable members of the larger herd. As is the DSC’s policy, we will care for these donkeys (and the mules, Roan and Coal, too) for the rest of their natural lives.  We look forward to many more snowy days when we will see them standing at attention in the snow, concentrating on the details of their winter world.

Sandra Pady, Founder



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