When we walked up to the Sanctuary this morning, most all of the equines were out in the fields, roaming around looking for bits of Spring green.  After almost six months they are tired of dry hay.

As well, there were a few donkeys  standing by the fence in the parking lot and I took the time to scratch some of them right on the top of their heads.  While I scratched the first one, others   moved in to take a turn.  With every one I could feel something like a shiver of delight running through their torsos  as he or she stood with head lowered a bit, ears back, totally involved in the pleasure of the moment.  They lose themselves in physical  sensation so well.

As I scratched the thick, wiry winter hair the observations of the  essayist, George Monbiot, came to mind.  Writing in the Guardian Weekly recently, he lamented our increasing inability to experience, “immersed [as we are] almost permanently in virtual worlds”.  The further we distance ourselves from tactile, physical reality, the greater the probability that, “all [events, crises, happenings] can be reduced to abstractions”.  As we disconnect from the real world, so will we become highly vulnerable to manipulation of all kinds.

So there it is.  We are on a slippery slope and to stop the free fall we had better step outside.  The natural world, the animals around us, we must keep in touch with  ‘the other’.  That way we will retain our perspective and independence.

Sandra Pady, Founder

Chaplin and Eeyore
March 2017     Photo: Kathy Gerry



6 thoughts on “KEEPING IT REAL”

  1. Could not agree more Sandra. This week there have been several articles in the press and on radio concerning the hours of screen time our young people spend in a day. I am saddened to see even on TVO pics of classrooms of very young children, earphones in place, intent on their screen ‘learning’ games. Long lasting colds kept me inside in February and I have escaped into my garden with great relief this month, enjoying the fresh air the birds and very early spring blooms. Contact with nature vitalizes us all.
    Best to all the two and four legged friends at the Donkey Sanctuary.

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