Open Days at the DSC Farm begin this Sunday, May 7th.  We are all looking forward to the return of our visitors whose  enthusiasm for the donkeys is infectious and it is always delightful to watch them with the animals.

Of course, each visitor is unique.  There are those people who walk around, seldom pausing, wanting to take in as much as they can as quickly as they can. Such folk are curious but for all kinds of reasons they are always in motion.  Then there are others, like the man in this picture, who choose to sit awhile, breathing in and breathing out, marvelling at the barnyard scene.  His stillness would have been attractive to the animals.

Left to right in the photo are the donkeys Abigail, Chiclet and Ed, sound asleep.  I expect that the man was enjoying to rub Abigail’s neck and to take in the sweet grassy smell on her forehead.  Chiclet, ever curious, probably didn’t stop for very long while Ed was content to lie down and rest.

We invite you to come by and enjoy the donkeys and mules, too.  And you will enjoy them the most if you can slow down to their pace: breathing out and breathing in, living in the moment.

Sandra Pady, Founder