During my morning walk with Merlin and Hugo,  today, I went down to the barn and looked out for Huey, a dark chocolate, almost-Mammoth, donkey.  Huey is living in the barnyard with the Oldies these days and so I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him a little better.

( Usually, Hewey  lives with the main group of geldings but a few weeks ago staff noticed that he was limping slightly.  This was a sign of  possible developing laminitis and so right away he was moved to the barnyard where his diet would be hay and straw without the richness of fresh grass.  Whereas most horses get along just fine on  grasses, for some  of our donkeys the sugar content in the fields, even at the end of the grazing season,  is too high. As a result  laminitis can develop in the hooves which in turn makes walking extremely painful.)

Anyway, I have come to look forward to my interactions with Huey.  He is very comfortable with people, a result of the fact that he was treated with affection at his previous lifelong home.  The unexpected death of his caregiver necessitated the family’s appeal that he be admitted to the DSC and he has been with us since 2016.  Next year, he will be 20 years old which will move him into the seniors category for a donkey of his size.

I’ve included this photo so that you can see the area at the base and around his beautiful ears.  He enjoys  to be scratched in those spots.  Whenever  I follow this with a massage inside the length of the ears themselves, he relaxes completely in mild ecstasy.   Always, his contentment conveys  such pleasure.  At times like this, the magic of being in the moment is once again revealed and I am encouraged to go with the flow.

Sandra Pady, Founder