I wore my down parka, quilted coveralls, angora wool hat, long knitted scarf, and double-thickness donkey mittens for our walk this morning.  As the dogs padded along, the sun was so bright that it made me squint while the only sound to be heard was the crunching of my boots on the snowy lane.

No donkeys were outside during our visit but the mules were standing in two groups, not quite touching, seemingly impervious to the cold.  They are like their horse kin in that regard, preferring the out of doors.

The silence all around prompted meditative thoughts. Memories of the passing year included feelings of satisfaction and gratitude for having been able to help so many animals in need. At the same time  their presence, along with those  of their herd mates, brought comfort and joy to thousands of visitors. People  came and went with a greater appreciation for the fact that animals do matter. All together, the DSC has made a profound impact these past twelve months and we know well that this is  thanks to the combined efforts of donors, staff and volunteers.

It looks like there will be a few more days like this one, when we contemplate the past and then we will turn our minds to the year to come.  May 2018 be a year for us all that is filled with the peacefulness and beauty of the natural world.

Sandra Pady, Founder



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