As we work day to day at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, we keep in mind always that it is our community of supporters who make possible all that we achieve.  It costs over a million dollars each year for us to help so many animals in need, to provide them with a lifelong home and to share, through education, our deep commitment to the improvement of standards of animal welfare across the board.  For twenty-six years it has been a privilege to receive the encouragement of so many donors and to work on your behalf.

On an ongoing basis we aim to provide the best for our donkey and mule residents and the daily challenges can be tremendously consuming.  At the same time, though,  we remind ourselves that the importance of today must be measured in the context of the future.  The animals live long lives and many will need our help ten, twenty years hence.  The needs of future generations in every walk of life are as important as the needs of today.

Planning for the future prompted our decision to purchase Walnut Ridge Farm in 2010, so that the donkeys could have a permanent home.  This became possible when a substantial bequest allowed the DSC to make the down payment.  “Meeting the mortgage” has been going on ever since and by the end of 2017 we had made significant payments.j

That was the situation for us when January rolled around this year when notice came in to us of a particular bequest, received from a long time donor. Over the years this woman had visited the Farm often and she was devoted to the cause of the animals’ welfare.  It was this commitment, we know, that prompted her to arrange her affairs so that she could help in a major way to secure the donkeys’ futures.  It means so very much to be able to state that as a result of this substantial bequest, the mortgage on Walnut Ridge Farm has been eliminated.

On behalf of the entire DSC community, we express our gratitude for this far-reaching, helpful support.

Sandra Pady, Founder





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