At the DSC, a sure sign of Spring is the increasing frequency of donkey walks by our volunteers. This scene, captured a few weeks ago, has since become quite common around the Sanctuary and all who take part agree that the simpler activities in life are often the best.

Those lucky enough to share such ambulatory experiences well know the quiet pleasure to be derived from ‘taking one’s time’. To accompany a donkey on such an outing is to appreciate the significance of every step taken. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Buddhist practice of mindfulness walking originated when journeys were commonly made at the donkey’s pace.

Visitors to the DSC often remark about the peacefulness of the environment, the calmness that is in the air around the farm. I have no doubt but that this results from our equine residents’ rhythm of life. Whether they are walking at our sides or just moving around in their pastures, movement at their pace brings its own soothing reward.

Sandra Pady, Founder




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