With Gratitude to Jack

Jack with Marci

Recently, as some of you are aware, twenty-seven year old Katy, a Miniature donkey, died peacefully at the Sanctuary Farm.  When that happened, I was reminded of Jack Hallam, Katy’s former caregiver,  whose concern for her welfare, and for that of her three companions, prompted him to arrange to have them transported to us in 2001 from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

Jack, a lifelong bachelor, cared for many, many animals over the years.  The several acres that he owned on Salt Spring were set up for his dogs, cats, rabbits and donkeys to enjoy.  They lived most agreeably all together and it was only the increasing limitations of encroaching old age which compelled Jack to part with his donkey friends by requesting their admission to the DSC.

It seems like yesterday that we began to monitor the donkeys’ progress from the moment that their trailer left Salt Spring.  The ferry ride to the mainland was on calm seas and then the three night road trip began.  For much of it, we were told that the four donkeys munched away, swaying with the trailer as the thousands of kilometers passed by. There were many telephone calls along the way.  On the early evening of the animals’ arrival at the DSC, Jack was here, too.  He had flown to Ontario and then made his way to the Sanctuary so that he could greet them.  We raised a cheer as Katy, Gemmi, Peter and Marci trotted down the ramp.

The Salt Spring 4

Over the years until his death in 2016, we had many opportunities to enjoy Jack’s company.  He was a generous man who visited us often and who helped with the costs of the donkeys’ ongoing care.  Their future welfare was important to him and so he made sure to inform us that a bequest in his Will had long been made to the DSC.  Jack was always thinking ahead, aware that ‘the future’ can become ‘the present’ in the blink of an eye while ‘carrying on’ means just that.

We invite those of you who are reading this post, people who care about animals and their long-term welfare, to consider leaving a bequest to the DSC in your Wills, too.  Upon request, we would be glad to send along the DSC Guide to Legacy Giving which might assist you as you make up your mind: info@thedonkeysanctuary.ca

Like Jack, everyone who notifies us that the Sanctuary is listed in their Will is welcomed into the DSC Green Fields Circle.  Such long term commitment means much – needed  help will be there in the future and we are grateful to be able to acknowledge this generosity in this way.

Although Katy is missed by many staff, volunteers and donors (Peter died in 2017),  Gemmy and Marci are still living at the DSC, roaming in the fields as I write.  At the same time we are confident that Jack Hallam’s spirit is here along with them, enjoying the peacefulness of their animal world.

Sandra Pady, Founder


4 thoughts on “With Gratitude to Jack”

  1. What a most beautiful story. I remember reading about Jack and his Salt Spring donkeys, and I know it was in part because of that story that I became a Green Circle member, and made arrangements for my little herd to go to the DSC, if that day comes. I did not know Jack had passed, but yes, he would be smiling down for sure. Thank you for this lovely post.

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