Max is a Mammoth donkey and like so many others his size, he lumbers a bit. I was reminded of that tendency as I watched him move around from place to place in the lower barn earlier today. He had just finished his morning meal and was obviously curious to see what staff members were doing as they carried out their chores. (Max usually lives with the herd of geldings up at the Donkey House but when staff noticed that his weight was slipping, he was brought into the Special Needs area in the Century barn where he is fed extra rations 3 times a day.)

Max was born in 1996. He spent most of his life on a farm in Vermont where mules were bred and he was the stud donkey. For almost twenty years, time passed by peacefully enough for him, even given that mules can be fractious companions at times. His caregivers would have continued to look after him for several years more but for reasons of age they had to retire, and so they reached out to the DSC for help. We were able to take in Max and Star, one of the mules.

In spite of that aforementioned inclination to amble around a bit awkwardly, Max is a  handsome fellow, enjoying his retirement years living at the Sanctuary. He has been with us since 2017 and slowly, he has become accustomed to attentions from staff and volunteers. He was the subject of particular compliments in our recently published, DONKEY DRABBLES, book.

When next you visit the DSC, be sure to look out for Max. His winter coat is luxuriously soft right now and he enjoys nothing more than a nice scratch on his neck.  

DECEMBER 1, 8 and 15, 10am-3pm, Winter Holiday Open Days at the DSC…Max will be there to welcome you!

2 thoughts on “Max”

  1. Max is a beauty. We love his name…same as my late father in law❣️
    Sandra, we wish you and David a happyChristmas and May 2020 be a year filled with joy, fun and good health for you both.

    1. And best hanukkah wishes to you, Cheryl and Arthur. Yes, Max is wonderful and enjoying his life here. Hope we see you in 2020. Sandra

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