CHANGE is in the Air

Twenty-nine years ago, when the DSC was a fledgling organization, I became accustomed to expressions of surprise and disbelief at the work we were doing. Donkeys weren’t important enough. Indeed, animals weren’t important enough according to general opinion. Everything else came first. Too many people could not understand why we would put our efforts into such a cause. We soon realized that along with our intention to save creatures from homelessness, neglect or outright abuse, we would have to work equally hard to educate and to help people to understand that everything is inter-related: the way we treat the other animals is a reflection of and shapes the way we treat other human beings.

And over the years our small organization has been encouraged by others, larger and smaller, whom we’ve seen doing the same thing: dog rescues, rabbit rescues, the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge, World Animal Protection, the Farm Sanctuary, PETA, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary, provincial and municipal humane societies, the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, The Donkey Sanctuary in England, petitions, Redwings Horse Rescue…the list goes on and on and as last year came to a close, I realized that an impact is being made on the general mind. Step by step, general attitudes are changing and coming to accept that the protection of animals is an ethical imperative.

Elephant rides in the Angkor Wat World Heritage Site have now been discontinued due to public pressure, the donkeys who trudge up the stairs in Santorini, Greece are on tourists’ minds and there are escalating calls for change in their working conditions, horse-drawn carriages are no longer allowed on Montreal streets. And right in our backyard there are particularly positive developments. As of January 1 a new law and an entirely new system for protecting animals has taken effect in Ontario. This law is an exciting initiative and we must hold the government accountable as the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act is enforced. (To read more about these positive developments, follow this link to a recent Globe & Mail op-ed piece, “Will the rest of the country follow Ontario’s bold move to protect animals?“)

CHANGE, as the singer, Mavis Staples, declares in her hit song, is in the air. That is good news for our animal friends.

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