Like most everyone else, I am astounded to see that we have endured more than 12 weeks, and counting, of COVID-19 restrictions.   At The Donkey Sanctuary of  Canada life has been both the same and different during these 88 days:  for the animals, for the people who give them care, and for those who steward their environment.

In the first instance life has carried on for the donkeys and mules much as it always does, shaped by routine and tranquility.  Activities include eating, snoozing,  grooming, sleeping, investigating, and ambling about. Interactions tend to be brief and to the point.  The sum of all of this is a  world where BE-ING is the essential requirement for participation.

For those who give care to the animals, be it hands on or administrative, while the daily routines have carried on there have been adjustments and adaptations due to COVID’S demands.  Whether working from home, creating virtual tours, preparing for the next stage (whatever that will be), or providing continual updates to supporters, staff and volunteers, those in administrative roles have worked intensely, rising to new challenges.  At the same time our four animal care staff have been seeing to the needs of 100 equines on a round the clock  basis, work that has been more than usually demanding  without volunteer support.

Since, the DSC Environmental Property Committee attends to the trees, fields, marshes and forests of the 200 acre facility, they work outside and this small volunteer group has been able to accomplish a great deal these past 3 months.  In all kinds of weather they have worked in the northern, non animal areas of the property, eradicating invasive plants, pruning trees, mowing pathways, clearing and burning brush.  At this moment, the property is glowing green and there are several new trails for our visitors to walk when next we can open our gates.

For more news about DSC life under COVID, please go to our website or Facebook pages.  Better yet, come on a VIRTUAL TOUR  and spend some time with our donkey and mule residents.  The commentary is always interesting and time passed with the animals is like taking a pleasant walk outdoors, away from the pressures of the pandemic world. (Go to http://www.thedonkeysanctuary.ca for virtual tour information.)

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