These past seven months of COVID have marked a dark period in our lives. Negative thoughts have been the order of the day for so long that the arrival of Thanksgiving weekend comes with a certain irony. That said, though, here in this world of the DSC we have so many reasons to be grateful.

At present, there are 81 donkeys and 15 mules in care at the Sanctuary Farm. With the exception of a few ailments, all of these animals are in good health. Of course, that is the case due in large part to the extraordinary care that they receive from our staff who have laboured so hard under the COVID-restricted conditions. Our animal care givers have worked largely alone since March, maintaining a positive focus all the while and working long, solitary hours to ensure the animals’ welfare. I know that it has been lonely for them without the presence of volunteers who always bring such enthusiasm to their encounters with the donkeys and mules.

Two donkeys, Carlos and Sapphire, are our newest residents. They are in good health, in spite of the stressful period that each experienced when they were moved from their previous homes. We were able to help them and we will give them lifelong care because that is the promise we make to each animal we admit. It is gratifying to be able to make such a promise—which is only possible thanks to the helpful, generous contributions of our supporters. In many ways, each day that we work is a gift from them and we are grateful.

An important part of our community, and one which greatly extends our reach, can be found in our many Foster Farms where 58 DSC donkeys reside on a kind of long term loan. Their families give the animals so much attention and they strive to do this with exceptional standards of care. For us, generosity and Foster Farms go hand in hand. Thank you.

All of the animal care at the Sanctuary takes place on our 200 acres of land. It includes hay fields, forests, meadows, ponds, barns and a 19th century stone building that houses our offices. This beautiful place has been too quiet during COVID; we have missed visitors coming up the lane to see the animals, whether on Open Days or in tours. The stewardship of this property is one of our major responsibilities — one that we welcome on behalf of our supporters — and we are reminded whenever we work around on the trails or in the forests that our earth is precious and deserving of care.

So, all in all we find many reasons to welcome this Thanksgiving after all, to pause and look around at so much that is good.

2 thoughts on “WITH THANKS”

  1. Dear Sandra,
    Thank you for this update and have thought often about the animals there during this very surreal times.Is there any consideration or discussion about allowing volunteers to return to help with some of the care?
    This is an important time for all of us to be thankful.
    Marg Rose

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Marg: staff were planning to welcome back volunteers later this month but with the COVID developments, I don’t know. 🙏 Sandra

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