A 4 Minute Film That Says It All

A few days ago, we received the link to a mini-documentary produced recently about the work of the DSC.  The film has been made available for our use and we are proud to share it with you.

Our gratitude goes out to the team at P-Your Vision Inc., Toronto, ON who are responsible for the conceptualization, creation and production of the film.  We think it captures with sensitivity and clarity the vision and mission of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

As they say……..enjoy… and do share this with your friends. https://vimeo.com/318781688

Sandra Pady, Founder



A polar vortex swirled through our part of the world last week. While we groaned about the temperatures day after day, the frigid air was busy making ice on the DSC pond and come Sunday (yesterday) the sheet was 6″ thick.  Added to that, there had been limited snowfall in the period and so the ice’s surface was like a mirror. 

By 2 pm DSC volunteers Sheila, Leigh, John, Gavin and David had put on their skates and were flying across the 2 acre pond.  What a glorious sight!  There is nothing on earth so appealing as an expansive sheet of ice, 90% of it smooth, on a still winter’s day.  John shared his formidable hockey skills with Leigh, a fledgling player, while Sheila glided around on her figure skates. For their part,  David and Gavin took a bit of time to call up their long-unused skating techniques.  Before anyone realized, between skating and hot chocolate an hour and a half had zipped by.

Hot Chocolate and Cookies – MMMMMMM!

After I had taken these pictures, I walked over to the parking lot and looked up at the Donkey House.  Our fields are so icy these days that no donkeys are foolish enough to venture out.  Nevertheless, I was delighted to see three of them, hugging the north wall, with big ears pointed straight up.  I realized in a moment that they were watching the moving figures on the pond.  Few things happen around the DSC without their awareness, of course.


Winter in our beautiful country is so special.

Sandra Pady, Founder