P A C E ……….for the donkeys!

The temperature is dropping this morning, instead of rising, and that is a sure sign that autumn has arrived. It means, too, that  PACE for the Donkeys, our annual 5km walk/run, is at hand.

On the morning of Sunday, September 30th, hundreds of participants – all ages and in all sorts of condition – will gather at the Sanctuary to run/walk our fields and trails.  This country event will be paced over hay fields and donkey paddocks, through forests, up hills and down, along trails, lanes and paths.  Some racers cover the distance in just many minutes while others amble along enjoying the sights and scents of the natural environment.  PACE is a time to feel good about our world and its animal populations.  Smiles are always the order of the day.

And there are really good prizes, too: for the top number of pledges, for the young people in their 100 yard dash, and for the top three who log the fastest times.  It is definitely a morning in the country for animal lovers of all ages.

So, come along and take part.  Links to the registration are at http://www.thedonkeysanctuary.ca.  You’ll be glad that you set your alarm!

And best of all?  The monies raised will be used for the care of our rescued donkeys and mules.  See you there.

Sandra Pady, Founder

PS:  Were you aware that a group of donkeys is known as a Pace of Asses?  That from Dame Julyana Berners in the Boke of St. Albans, written in 1388.

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