While I was visiting the barn this morning I caught myself experiencing one of those infrequent revelatory moments in life when light and sound are clearer than usual.  The murmurs of staff as they carried out chores, the sweet snuffling noise that the donkeys made as they pushed their noses through the hay, the autumnal morning light that was moving through the sky.  The sensations coursed through my mind and with them came fresh appreciation for the work that is being done by our charitable organization.

At all times, the donkeys and mules receive the kindest, most thoughtful, professional treatment.  Animal care staff and volunteers look to the animals’ needs while others engage with the thousands of visitors that come up the lane, in addition to staff who reach out to share our experiences and knowledge with the greater community. Our example is meant to inform, to educate.

On mornings like this one, there was renewed clarity of purpose for me, and the words of Russell Means, the Oglala Lakota activist, came to mind with fresh inspiration:

“We’re not here because we’re concerned about the odds against us.  And we’re not here because we’re concerned about winning or losing.  We’re here because this is the right place to be, the right thing to do, and the right time to do it.  You do what you can in the present and that contributes to whatever the future is going to be.”

That’s how I felt as I gazed around the barn this morning. Yes, we can. Each one of us can.

Sandra Pady, Founder

6 thoughts on “CLARITY”

  1. Hello Sandra and volunteers and staff at the Donkey Sanctuary,

    My husband and I live on Vancouver Island and are supporters of this amazing place.
    It is always a privilege to hear about the work being done. My heart melts when I read your posts Sandra. You have a beautiful way of expressing your feelings about the sanctuary. We can each make a difference in our own way and make this a better world for our animal friends.
    Thanks everyone who is making a difference.
    Very sincerely
    Jo-Ann Payne

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